Backup for Existing Drinking Water Treatment Systems

It is a common occurrence that a disruption in drinking water treatment or drinking water distribution leads to a contamination of the delivered water. This could occur because of the malfunction in a stage of drinking water treatment, contamination of the drinking water distribution system, a breach in the drinking water distribution system admitting contaminants, or due to infiltration of surface water into the wells if wells are used.

In good case scenarios, a boil water advisory is issued, and members of the community must boil their water before drinking it or using it in food preparation. In the worst case scenario, members of the community must obtain water from other sources, such as bottled water, which is more expensive.

The Innosol-SCWS is ideally suited as a back-up drinking water treatment system in case the safety or quality of the existing drinking water supply system cannot be guaranteed for any reason. The Innosol-SCWS can be employed in several ways for backup drinking water treatment. In cases where there is a malfunction in a drinking water treatment facility, the Innosol-SCWS can be placed between the drinking water treatment facility and the drinking water distribution system. If a portion of the distribution system is contaminated, the Innosol-SCWS can be placed in line with the drinking water distribution system to provide supplementary drinking water treatment at the needed location. Finally, the Innosol-SCWS can be used to treat well-water before storage in a reservoir or delivery to a drinking water distribution system.

The portability, ease of use (simply connect the Innsol-SCWS's inlet and outlet to the appropriate lines), and low maintenance (only the charcoal filter, which is not required in most cases, requires periodic replacement) make the Innosol-SCWS a versatile backup drinking water treatment system that is ready when it is needed.

The North American Water Quality Association WQA selected the Innosol technology and instrumentation as one of the most important innovations. Search for Innosol here

"...Innovative Multi-Application Large Volume Contaminant Detector: Reduces Process Costs, Monitors Product Water Quality, and Enhances Consumer Safety...The new instrumentation platform, Innosol-PLF, allows in-situ (online) detection, sizing, counting, and advanced monitoring of a wide range of biological and inorganic suspended solids (and more) in thousands of gallons of water and other liquid media, allowing for a number of unique cost-saving applications in industrial, commercial, and municipal markets..."

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