Closing the Gap in Emergency Response

In an emergency situation, the utilities and services we normally rely on, like electricity, running water, and access to healthcare, may not be available. Wouldn't you like to know that if the drinking water treatment facility and/or drinking water distribution system that serves your area went off-line, there would still be a way for you to access clean water?

An emergency situation is unpredictable, and usual assumptions don't hold. The situation may involve extreme weather, destroyed infrastructure, exposure to physical, chemical, biological, and some other threats. As an example, damage to water distribution systems in a region could lead to the contamination of drinking water with sewage, spreading disease and making simple hygiene impossible. In an emergency situation, moving from point A to B can be a challenge.

An emergency water-supply device must be designed to operate in these uncertain conditions. To do so, it must have the following qualities:

  • light weight, compact, and easily transportable
  • small energy consumption
  • handle all varieties of possible water sources and water contamination, including biological, chemical, and other forms
  • allow integration with other water treatment equipment which may be required in special circumstances
  • has a rugged construction
  • performs in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions
  • be available in at least few versions that can economically serve 1000 people in a small village, 10,000 people in a town, or 100 000 people in a major sector of a large city
  • can be connected to a municipal water distribution system
  • preferably, have no consumable inputs, such as chemicals or filter cartridges
  • be self cleaning, self-calibrating, and maintenance free
  • require little or no expertise to operate

Previously one could not realistically expect a device with all of these qualities to exist. But one of the most important advantages of the Innosol innovative technology - removal of suspended solids from source water uses principles of modern physics to deflect contaminant particles from water stream and safely dispose them, instead of relying on traditional filtration methods which are often useless in emergency situations. Thus, Innosol emergency drinking water supply device provides zero-maintenance, low-power consuming water purification while offering wide-range system integration, very rugged construction, ultra-compact size and small weight, which all combined closes the gap between the need and the reality in potable-water emergencies. The portable Innosol emergency water unit can produce clean drinking water literally from raw sewage. Hard to believe? Read the spec sheet.

The North American Water Quality Association WQA selected the Innosol technology and instrumentation as one of the most important innovations. Search for Innosol here

"...Innovative Multi-Application Large Volume Contaminant Detector: Reduces Process Costs, Monitors Product Water Quality, and Enhances Consumer Safety...The new instrumentation platform, Innosol-PLF, allows in-situ (online) detection, sizing, counting, and advanced monitoring of a wide range of biological and inorganic suspended solids (and more) in thousands of gallons of water and other liquid media, allowing for a number of unique cost-saving applications in industrial, commercial, and municipal markets..."

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