1. EDWS - State of art mobile and stationary chemicals-free and disposables-free water purification devices. Contact us with inquiries about custom models or if you have other questions.
2. INNOSOL family of in-situ analytical instruments bringing unmatched economic and safety benefits to all types of water treatment facilities. For more information please click the link "Family of Innosol instrumentation" on the left-side menubar of this webpage. For in-depth technology information and some examples of important applications please visit the municipal drinking water section of our website if even you are working in another water industry field. Contact us with any technical and sales inquiries.
3. IN-SITU-METER - innovative in-situ industrial grade portable water testing instrumentation. Contact us with any technical and sales inquiries.
4. A-to-Z - High-precision industrial quality disposable water testing strips and other related products. Contact us with any technical and sales inquiries.


1. The management of the International Water Association invited Dr. Gene (Guenadi) Rabinski, the President of R&D Innovative Solutions Inc. to host the Industry Forum on addressing new challenges in the biological safety of municipal and commercial drinking water at the 2010 IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition.
2. Attention BOTTLED WATER MANUFACTURERS - the newest model of the IN-SITU-METER allows direct accurate measurement of ozone (O3) in water up to 7 ppm. Ozone testing strips for finished water are also available.
3. In-situ analytical instrumentation INNOSOL allows achieving more than 20% savings on cost of flocculating and coagulating chemicals while substantially improving quality and safety of finished water. Contact us for more information.
4. (!) Parties interested in manufacturing PRESERVATIVES-FREE WINE, ORGANIC WINE, CHEMICALS-FREE and PRESERVATIVES-FREE BOTTLED WATER, JUICES, and SOFT DRINKS are welcome to contact us for more information.

The North American Water Quality Association WQA selected the Innosol technology and instrumentation as one of the most important innovations. Search for Innosol here

"...Innovative Multi-Application Large Volume Contaminant Detector: Reduces Process Costs, Monitors Product Water Quality, and Enhances Consumer Safety...The new instrumentation platform, Innosol-PLF, allows in-situ (online) detection, sizing, counting, and advanced monitoring of a wide range of biological and inorganic suspended solids (and more) in thousands of gallons of water and other liquid media, allowing for a number of unique cost-saving applications in industrial, commercial, and municipal markets..."

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The value added summary breaks down the benefits of Innosol instrumentation stage by stage in water treatment processes so you can see what applies to your facility.

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Free-of-charge on-site in-situ in-depth analysis of performance of all stages of water treatment processes and distribution.

Managers or engineers of Canadian and US Drinking water treatment facilities and water distribution systems are offered free-of-charge help to learn in depth performance of all water-treatment processes at their sites to identify ways of improving water quality, water safety, and economic efficiency of potable water production and distribution. Strict confidentiality guaranteed where requested.

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