Limited-time offer
Free-of-charge onsite in-situ in-depth analysis of performance of all stages of water treatment and distribution processes.

Current water treatment and water distribution practices (processes, chemicals, and equipment) vary greatly because of the specifics of water sources, regional regulations, and the sizes of populations served in different locations. Innosol instrumentation developed by R&D Innovative Solutions Inc. and validated by two the most reputable Canadian organizations (contact us for more details) allows managers and engineers of any water treatment facility and water distribution system to gain insight into the performance of all the stages of their process and distribution system by in-situ collecting and analyzing data that is otherwise impossible or prohibitively expensive to obtain using conventional equipment.

For a limited time, R&D Innovative solutions is offering certain municipal and private businesses, to be solely selected by R&D Innovative Solutions Inc, a free-of-charge in-situ on-site analysis of drinking, industrial, and wastewater treatment and distribution systems in Canada and the United States using the Innosol instrumentation on the conditions described below.

Under this offer, our trained personnel will bring the state of art equipment to your facility and in-situ quantifiably determine the economic efficiency, gaps (if any) in quality and safety of the water treatment process(es) in the water treatment facility or the water distribution system.

The managers or engineers are free to choose and offer for our consideration those locations, water treatment & distribution stages and processes which they wish to gain in-depth quantified insight on:

1.Suspended solids contamination of water, including but not limited to biological contamination

2.Obtain quantifiable report of economic, water quality & safety benefits they may get resulting from our findings without necessarily changing the core water treatment processes.

Read the summary of value added and case studies to see examples of important in-situ analysis that could be conducted at your facility. Most facilities can achieve significant performance enhancements and economic savings to coagulation/flocculation stages, backwashable filters cycling, in disinfection, water distribution, etc. without fundamental changes to the current process using easily implemented quantifiable recommendations.

The analysis does not require the financial or labour resources of the applicant beyond providing access to locations/streams/equipment to be analyzed. Upon completion of the analysis, a detailed and quantitative report of the findings will be delivered confidentially to the facility/distribution system managers and/or engineers. This report can include analysis of performance, recommendations for optimization and performance improvements, identification of problems, and the raw collected data, depending on what types of analysis are chosen.

In the event that a problem in a stage or location is discovered, the problem will be identified and broad recommendations will be offered in the report. However, detailed characterization of the problem, including precise localization, determination of its root cause, and troubleshooting are beyond the scope of the promotional offer. If desired, these services may be engaged during the visit under a special terms of service, to be determined on-site on a mutually agreeable basis.

This is a limited-time-offer, so interested managers and engineers are encouraged to apply now by sending us an email message to with the subject line "Application inquiry" and providing us with your contact information for a follow-up discussion.

We look forward to helping you meet your goals in delivering excellent quality drinking water!


The North American Water Quality Association WQA selected the Innosol technology and instrumentation as one of the most important innovations. Search for Innosol here

"...Innovative Multi-Application Large Volume Contaminant Detector: Reduces Process Costs, Monitors Product Water Quality, and Enhances Consumer Safety...The new instrumentation platform, Innosol-PLF, allows in-situ (online) detection, sizing, counting, and advanced monitoring of a wide range of biological and inorganic suspended solids (and more) in thousands of gallons of water and other liquid media, allowing for a number of unique cost-saving applications in industrial, commercial, and municipal markets..."

See how Innosol instrumentation can benefit your facility

The value added summary breaks down the benefits of Innosol instrumentation stage by stage in water treatment processes so you can see what applies to your facility.

Limited-time offer

Free-of-charge on-site in-situ in-depth analysis of performance of all stages of water treatment processes and distribution.

Managers or engineers of Canadian and US Drinking water treatment facilities and water distribution systems are offered free-of-charge help to learn in depth performance of all water-treatment processes at their sites to identify ways of improving water quality, water safety, and economic efficiency of potable water production and distribution. Strict confidentiality guaranteed where requested.

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