Applications for Municipal Drinking Water Distribution

The following process costs-saving applications of Innosol-CWD instrumentation have been identified for municipal drinking water distribution systems:

  1. In-situ identifying and narrowing-down an area of a municipal drinking water distribution system subjected to and/or potentially subjected to growth of pathogens
  2. In-situ analyzing concentration, size, and type of suspended solids and semi-solids in large volumes of water in any segment of a municipal drinking water distribution system
  3. In-situ monitoring dynamics of pathogens growth and accumulation of organic and inorganic slag in any segment of a municipal drinking water distribution system
  4. In-situ trapping and concentrating particles of user-defined sizes for further standard and advanced analysis from a large user-defined volume of water to a small user-defined water volume while replacing traditional filter-based methods with the fundamentally new proprietary technology for the purpose of preserving certain important properties of inorganic and organic particles towards further advanced analysis
  5. Detection, counting, and sizing of wide-range and/or targeted tagged and untagged pathogens in water in any segment of a municipal drinking water distribution system
  6. Advanced monitoring of multiple segments of a municipal drinking water distribution system
  7. Other applications (please contact R&D Innovative Solutions for more information)

The North American Water Quality Association WQA selected the Innosol technology and instrumentation as one of the most important innovations. Search for Innosol here

"...Innovative Multi-Application Large Volume Contaminant Detector: Reduces Process Costs, Monitors Product Water Quality, and Enhances Consumer Safety...The new instrumentation platform, Innosol-PLF, allows in-situ (online) detection, sizing, counting, and advanced monitoring of a wide range of biological and inorganic suspended solids (and more) in thousands of gallons of water and other liquid media, allowing for a number of unique cost-saving applications in industrial, commercial, and municipal markets..."

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